Renske Lynde

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Renske Lynde is the Managing Director, Non­profit & Public Programs, for the start­up accelerator Food Systems 6.0 (FS6.0). In this role, Renske is supporting innovations across public, private, and non­profit sectors to create a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system. She also holds a Visiting Fellowship at UC Berkeley’s Food Institute, where she is leading an examination of the role impact investors can play in revitalizing our food system. Renske’s work in the social sector on food, agriculture, and nutrition policy has included grassroots education and organizing, strategic campaign development, quantitative policy analysis, and extensive legislative advocacy. She’s passionate about expanding access to healthy food and recently assumed a board position at the Oakland-­based community organization People’s Grocery. Renske holds BA degrees from Boston University in Political Science and Psychology and an MPP from UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy.