K.P. Reddy

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K.P. is a globally recognized expert on advanced technologies including BIM, collaborative communications, AI, semantics database, mobile applications and cloud computing. Currently, he is general partner with CTW Venture Partners, a venture capital firm. He is also a managing partner with AMPIRIX, an analyst-research-consulting firm that recommends innovative solutions, identifies and launches new products, directs strategic acquisitions and forges corporate relationships. Prior to SoftWear, K.P. led Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), one of the top 10 incubators in the world and more than doubled the memberships. K.P. founded the Reddy Group in 1994 that developed applications on the web and mobile devices. Then, in 1997, he founded Cereus Technology Partners, a world class ISP and application service provider which was acquired by Verso Technologies. By 2005, he had started RCMS group, a Parametric CAD company, which was acquired by NYSE: ARC. K.P. has bootstrapped startups as well as fully run public companies. Highly sought after due to his candid counsel to both startups and Fortune 1000 companies alike, he has been requested by organizations such as IBM, Coca-Cola, UPS, Cox Communications and Autodesk. K.P. has spoken at universities all over the U.S. including: Harvard, Georgia Institute of Technology, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Emory, San Jose State, University of South Carolina, Cleveland State. He has served on the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), BIM Task Force and the Technology Advisory Board. Reddy is the dad of two active boys. He enjoys playing soccer, cooking, hiking, spontaneous travel and yoga. Working with organizations like TiE, Opportunity Hub and the American Diabetes Association, K.P. gives back to causes that make a difference.