Ann DeRosa


Dr. Ann DeRosa is Vice President, Strategy at Chilton Capital Management in Houston, Texas. She specializes in meaning-based business strategies that support personal, professional and ecological alignment and transformation. Dr. DeRosa is a business development professional and upper level management advisor with lifelong entrepreneurial experience in fields of academia and research science, commercial real estate, architecture, healthcare, psychology, medical devices, biotechnology, oil and gas, and wealth management. At Chilton, Dr. DeRosa works on integrated impact investment and client service strategies for families and institutions. She is the lead convenor of Chilton Capital Management’s Renewable Investment Summit, the first of which was hosted in Houston in September 2014 in partnership with the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, Village Capital, and The Federal Reserve. Dr. DeRosa received an AB from Middlebury College, an MS from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute.